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JIm Bowden

Advertising Specialist

Jim Bowden grew up on Long Island and is a native of the North Fork. Jim lived and grew up in the small quaint little town of New Suffolk until about six years ago when he made the move to Southold, N.Y. Jim is proud of his roots and even though he lived in that small town, he also attended the infamous red school house when he was in grade school. New Suffolk is somewhat of a legend not just for the little red school house, but also famous for being the first U.S. Naval base, where the first submarine, the U.S.S Holland called home upon the waters of the great peconic bay. Jim's mother was the Postmistress for 33 years of the little Post Office which burned down in an accidental fire some years back.

Legend's Restaurant located on first street also is famous for its delicious dishes served daily. It also has quite a history of being owned by a number of different proprietors, each who gave it a different name. Jim's Grandfather and Grandmother were the first and original owners of Legends, which at that time was called the Harbor Inn. Many changes and renovations were made to the restaurant over the years because of damage from multiple Nor'easters including the great Hurricane of 1938, which I frankly wasn't around to witness.

Jim is also an avid music buff and has taken up playing the acoustic guitar at a later age. If you put a large screen TV and FM stereo in the same room with Jim, he would without a doubt choose the radio, to listen to a wide variety of music rather than watch the boob tube. Jim's idea of relaxation besides listening to a variety of music, is stargazing on any clear night that comes his way. An avid amateur Astronomer and Astrophotographer Jim also finds stargazing a form of meditation. You could say it's his way of practicing Yoga. When not stargazing and listening to music, he also likes to spend some time writing fiction, Poetry and medical related articles. Jim had his first article of Lyme disease published in the summer of 2000, by a company called the Readers Review which was in Iowa at the time.

Jim has a great sense of humor and loves to be around all sorts of folks from all walks of life. It's not unusual for him to develop long lasting relationships very quickly. Currently Jim is divorced and has two grown children, Angela of Venice Florida and a Son Sean of Aspen Colorado.

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