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Scotty Hart

Saturday: 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Hello, and thanks for checking me out. How do I describe me? Well, Scotty is a single energetic guy that likes to get into trouble. That's a good start. Some say I'm a bit immature, and you know.. they're right. I just like to have fun and cause chaos wherever I go. We'll get to those standard bio questions in a moment, but first let me tell you a little bit more about my radio history. I was born here on Long Island in Smithtown, you know the place with the Bull. Although some argued I lived in Hauppauge since I went to Hauppauge High School. Growing up I did nothing but ride my bike and listened to the radio. I always had my transistor radio with me no matter where I was. My college years in the 80's were spent on Long Island as well at the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury. Just guess what I studied? After college it was off to a career in radio. The stations WLNG and WRIV.. well that lasted only a few years. I loved radio but realized I really did need to eat. Finally I found myself working for Cablevision for the next 15 years in Operations and Programming of several leading cable television networks. How did that happen? While I was flipping videos, I was also handling weekends and fill-in work at several other Long Island radio stations including WLNG. Even had the chance to open the mic at a New York City station. During this millennium, I have launched my own "small" radio station, which has seen a lot of changes these past few years. So now I am back home at WLNG, and I couldn't be more pleased. WLNG is a great station to be a part of. I've known Gary Sapiane too long.. I mean for many years. Besides our "Mid-America" storm chasing escapades, I consider Gary a good friend and thank him for the opportunity to come back where it all started for me. Rusty and the rest of the staff here are the nicest souls on the planet. What you may not know is my admiration and reverence of the late Paul Sidney. He mentored and groomed my style of radio. Every time I open the mic, I know he's watching and listening. He was responsible for my air name and everything I do. I am honored to spend my weekends with you and be a lifetime member of the WLNG family. And now on to that Bio stuff.. Favorite Artist/Music: Impossible to pick. I love everything from Little Richard to the Beatles, Donna Summer to Kiss, Leonard Cohen to the Clash, Nirvana to Green Day. All I ask is to just play the hits. Favorite TV Show/Channel: Since over the air went digital in 2009, can't pick up much, so don't watch. Besides.. there's radio. Yes I do have classic tv on dvd. Favorite Movie: The weather lover in me says "Twister". The political side says "Fahrenheit 911" and "Pump Up The Volume". The "Trekkie" in me says any of the "Star Wars" or "Star Trek" flicks. ("Live Long And Prosper") Favorite Food: PIZZA!!! Or Anything Italian. Favorite Books: All technical and reference reading I'm afraid. That's the radio programmer and engineer in me. Magazines however include "Mountain Bike Action", "Weatherwise", "Mens Health", and "Radio World". Favorite Long Island Restaurant: "Istanbul Café" in Centereach. Best Thing About Long Island: The mountain bike trails in Rocky Point and Cathedral Pines County Park in Middle Island, near my home. Fire Island in the off-season. If I Didn't Live On Long Island, I'd Live: In Florida. I have a thing for hot weather, palm trees, and thunderstorms. If I Didn't Work In Radio, I'd Be: Unemployed! No actually I have had enough TV so since I love weather, I'd either be a meteorologist, professional storm chaser, or professional mountain biker. Hobbies: Karate, mountain biking, snowboarding, and playing racquetball. I have in the past 10 years played lacrosse, ice hockey, and spent a few weekends snowmobiling. I told you I haven't grown up. Oh yea.. storm chasing, playing drums, amateur radio, huge record, compact disc, and digital video disk collection, and running my own Long Island radio station. That enough? My Team: Yankees. Secret Talent: Always late. I've worked very hard at this. A Talent I Would Most Like To Have: Being able to talk to men or women in person, without looking and sounding like an idiot. Famous Quote: "I'm done.. stick a fork in me" Christian Slater in the 1990 movie "Pump Up The Volume".


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