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If you'd like to insure or make more certain the success of your business, investigate promoting it on WLNG RADIO.

If you have a goal, don't shoot aimlessly into the woods; call us and let us tailor a specific package and campaign for you. Ask us just how we can help move your products or service. If it's cars you have to sell, let's talk in terms of units per month. If it's bottles, let's talk about how many cases.

If you want to be found; if you want more customers for your business, or just it's cultivation, there's nothing better than combining your newspaper ads with frequent reminders on a successfull local radio station.

Such commercials do remind people of your presence and such spots can be done repeatedly, and not just once a week as in our once a week newspapers, but daily twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

With the right schedule, bright copy, and periodic copy changes, prompts on the radio get result, and such campaigns become particularly effective if you're on the most dominant well listened to station, the likes of Radio Eastern Long Island's WLNG..... 92.1 FM. Statistically no other station on the dial has a lower per thousand listeners than WLNG.

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